Ben K. Voss 

Meeting with Al Svoboda at Weatherproof in Chicago, 11-11-23 to 12-10-23

Group show, Pliable Plane, at Underdonk in Brooklyn, NY, 10-21-23 to 11-19-23

Hunter Open Studios and watercolor at benefit exhibition, 10-14-23

CMA auction, 10-04-23 to 12-10-23

Hunter begins, 08-25-23

Saugatuck, 07-26-23 to 07-31-23

Saint Roch, 05-24-23 to 05-28-23

Rome, 02-10-23 to 02-18-23

Small Paintings by 27 Artists, a group show at 57W57 Arts, NYC, 01-08-23 to 02-17-23

Group show, Weather, curated by Leah Beeferman at Greenpoint Frames, Brooklyn, NY, Fall 2022

Naples drawings, 10-13-22 to 10-16-22

Clark Island, 08-14-22 to 08-20-22

A postcard for Ukraine, via Franziska Le Meur and Sperling, @postcardsforukraine, Summer 2022

Spotlight artist and interview in Maake Magazine Issue 13, Summer 2022

Group show, Jump Shot, at Tappeto Volante, Brooklyn, NY curated by Lisha Bai, 04-23-22 to 06-17-22

Solo show, Community, at Left Field, Los Osos, CA, 02-12-22 to 03-20-22

Enchanted Rock, 09-12-21

NM, 07-25-21 to 08-01-21

Group show, Eddysroom, at Left Field, Los Osos, CA, curated by Austin Eddy, 03-06-21 to 03-28-21

Group show, Unreal, at Tourist in White River Junction, VT, curated by Dan Graham Loxton, 03-06-21 to 03-21-21

Two watercolors in issue 3 of The Concern organized by Orvokki Crosby, February 2021

Watercolor at Underdonk Benefit, 12-17-20 to 12-24-20

Imprints is now available at Printed Matter, 2 Bridges Music Arts, The Concern Newsstand, Tender Books, Good Press, and Village, Winter, 2020

Zooming with students in Experimental Drawing at SUNY Purchase led by Mónica Palma, 11-20-20

Imprints, a publication with Midge Wattles, published by Chateau International debuts at ASP Book Fair, London, UK, 09-27-20

F Magazine Mail Art Auction, 09-09-20 to 09-13-20

Two paintings in an internet group show, Behind the Times, Chapter 5, Solo Show, curated by Alyssa Davis Gallery and Abby Lloyd, Summer 2020

Watercolors at Maake Paper, Winter-Spring-Summer 2020

@theartistinthestudio, 06-18-20

Quarantine studio visit with @peninsulaartspace, 03-31-20

The Humming Grove, a group show at 44Main, Cold Spring, NY, 02-07-20 to 02-21-20

Group show, Life of Signs, at Peninsula in Redhook, Brooklyn, NY, 01-26-20 to 03-29-20

New American Paintings Northeast Edition 140, curated by Ruth Erickson, December 2019

Marker drawings published in the second issue of The Concern organized by Orvokki Crosby, December 2019

Showing an Imprint with Midge at Halide Project in Philadelphia, opening on 12-07-19

Frieze Teens studio visit, 10-26-19

Joshua Tree, early-October 2019

Working with Midge Wattles in Saugatauk, 09-02-19 to 09-06-19

Painting in ArtMaze Issue 13, curated by Chris Sharp, Summer 2019

Imprints with Midge at a group show, Art Trekking, Monte Bianco Montagna Sacra, Courmayeur, Italy, 07-28-19 to 08-25-19

Rosetta at Gazebo organized by Sam Boehm, Brooklyn, NY, 7-21-19 to 7-27-19

Terra not so Firma, group show at Fjord, Philadelphia, 7-06-19 to 08-06-19

A Tango with Thomas Geiger at Sperling’s group show, Munich, Germany, 07-05-19 to 07-27-19

All Souls are Mobile, @danielmarbangallery, 07-02-19

A Fairly Secret Army, group show curated by Paul Whiting at Wild Palms, Düsseldorf, Germany, 06-07-19 to 08-31-19

A painting at Mezzo, organized by Christina Van Der Merwe, 05-23-19 to 06-12-19

Group show, Limbic Songs, organized by Cotter Luppi at Real Eyes, Adams, MA, 05-03-19 to 05-26-19

Paths of the Mirror at George with Lindsay Burke and Sophia Frydman, 04-12-19 to 05-12-19

SA with C, February 2019

Group show with Geoffrey Young, Great Barrington, MA, 12-1-18 to 12-15-18

Watercolor at George, Brooklyn, 11-30-18 to 12-01-18

Arbor Benefit, 11-30-18

Drawing in the inaugural issue of The Concern, 11-08-18

Solo show, Paintings, at 57W57 Arts, NYC, 09-06-18 to 10-12-18

Working with Midge Wattles in Saugatuck, 08-18-18 to 08-25-18

Mural with WRMOTA in West Reading, PA, Summer 2018

Some paintings up at 57W57 Arts, Spring 2018

Working with Midge Wattles in SMV, 01-28-18 to 02-01-18

Mexico City, mid-January 2018

Group show, Et, Tu Art Brute? at Andrew Edlin underground, curated by Jamie Sterns, 11-17-17 to 12-15-17

First painting, 09-26-17

🎨 Cossyra, June 2017

contact ---benkvoss(at)